Hi. I’m Eurie Kim.

The 411:


Miguel Fernandez

VP of Design, Slack

Eurie is a real unicorn. She is one of the few creatives that can be bold in their thinking while being very rigorous operationally. As a design leader, she understands more than just the aesthetics of design. She knows how to push the business forward through operations and flawless execution. She brings more than creative thought leadership to the table, she is a “player-coach” that leads by example. She has the ability to mobilize & manage a team of diverse creative individuals—from designers to writers to photographers & more—through various projects, while also supporting through hands-on work, which not all creatives at her level would do. Eurie is a quick study and fast-paced does not even begin to describe her optimum pace. Long story short: she is a creative & operational force! I would not only highly recommend her, but would love to partner with her again!

Bradford Shellhammer

VP of Buyer Experience, eBay & GM, eBay NYC

I’ve worked with hundreds of graphic designers and art directors throughout my career. Eurie Kim is one of the best I have worked with. Our aesthetic and design choices were nearly always in-synch. Her style -modern, bold, clean, sharp, colorful- really helped define Fab’s graphic and brand identity. Many of my favorite visuals on Fab were created by Eurie, often times with little or no creative direction. She’s a quiet doer, yet able to pull out a big personality when needed. She’s fast too, a talent not all designers have. She’s got the technical skills, the eye, and an ease with communication. She’s a big talent and I miss working with her.

PieterJan Mattan

Creative Director

Eurie possesses the rare gift of brand instinct. She was an instrumental part of Fab’s initial golden creative team, and we worked together on projects for many years after. Combined with an excellent graphic and typographic skill set, her high work ethics and deep understanding of the digital design and visual arts worlds enable her to tackle projects with confidence and success. Good, better, best: Eurie will never rest until her good is better and her better best!

Marcia Howard

Sr. Director of Creative Operations, Target

Eurie Kim is by far one of the hardest working colleagues and employees I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Outside of having a wonderful eye for design (which she definitely does), she goes above and beyond expectations when it comes to dedication and attention to detail. Talented designers are hard to come by, but talented designers who live for organization, project management and are great leaders are much more rare. She’s definitely in a class of her own.

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